MSSAC 2023 Annual State Convention is hosted by Temple Heights Spiritual Camp June 2-4

The Board of Directors of the Maine State Spiritualist Association of Churches (MSSAC). Our keynote speaker is Stacy Schuerman. This year we revert back to a Friday evening workshop, Saturday Business meeting and evening banquet.

Friday Night Dinner 6:00 PM Potluck

Friday Night Workshop 7:00 PM -9:00 PM by Stacy Schuerman (formerly Kopchinski) $15.00

Elevating your Mediumship by Natural and Spiritual laws

Mediumship is the language of the unseen world. When we can learn, know, and work with Natural and Spiritual laws, our mediumship can become clearer. Your connection with Spirit and the way you receive the message can be sustained the more you study, learn, and live these laws. Join Stacy Schuerman for an interactive workshop on elevating your mediumship.

Biography: Stacy Schuerman has been a Spiritualist for almost two decades. Her passion for Spirit began at a young age. She is a minister, medium, healer, and teacher for all things Spiritualism. She is the owner of Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse and Radio based in Lily Dale, NY. She is a member of the Church of the Living Spirit, Lily Dale, NY, SNUI and the ISF. She serves Spiritualist churches and camps all over the USA.

Private Readings with Stacy Schuerman will be available Saturday during the business meeting and by appointment. Please call Stacy at 262-492-4943 to schedule. $50 per 30 minutes

Saturday, June 3 Business Meeting

Temple Heights Camp will provide a Continental Breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings including baked goods, bagels, cereal and fruit

9:30 am A Representative will register attendees at the front desk and collect $2.00 registration fee for the Annual Meeting 10:00 am Business Meeting Lunch break 12:00 noon to 12:30 PM Lunch provided at the Lodge. Business Meeting resumes

Banquet/Dinner 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM Buffet Style

Chicken Cordon Bleu, New England Pot Roast, vegetarian pasta dish and assorted Desserts

Saturday Night Entertainment

"Roasty Toasty Karaoke" (and Un-Talent Show!) Attendees can lovingly Roast or Toast their favorite Spiritualist, followed by Karaoke and an Un-Talent Show with MC Rev Nancy Parry. For those still awake past 9 PM some late-night phenomena (to be determined)

Sunday, June 4 10:30-12:15 Church Service and Messages

with Stacy Schuerman, Keynote Speaker and Medium
Flower Service by the Rev. Nancy Parry



Do you have Spirit visitors?

Do you feel your loved ones watch over you?

Do you have psychic abilities and wish to develop them into mediumship?

Do you wish to develop as a Spiritual Healer?

If so then the Religion of Spiritualism may be for you.

This is the Home Page of the Maine State Spiritualist Association of Churches (MSSAC) which is a hierarchical Auxiliary of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC). Although we are affiliated with NSAC the goals are similar to other Spiritualist organizations around the world.

Our Maine State Association has been meeting for over a hundred and twenty years and was incorporated in 1907.

As you browse this site and the links on the pages you may come across some topics or offerings that are not actually part of the recognized teachings of NSAC Spiritualism. Since the Objects of Spiritualsim include the spiritual and secular welfare of mankind classes or workshops are occassionally offered on topics outside of NSAC Spiritualism for exploration with the community.

In addition to Churches in Portland (Westbrook), Newport, Augusta and Bangor, Maine has an incredible history for Spiritualism since three of the first camps in the United States were established here. They were Camp Etna, Madison Camp and Temple Heights Spiritual Association (Northport) and although Camp Etna is no longer a member of NSAC it is an honor to recognize them as they still conduct camp seasons for Spiritualist gatherings. This site is a living, changing element that embodies the love and energy of Spiritualists and spiritual seekers to share information, resources and activities of Auxiliaries here in Maine.

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